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Door: Ruud op 26/10/12 in Mac Deals
Ontwikkelaar: Rico Gundermann
Waardering: 4 3
Normaal: 5,49 EUR
Nu: € 21,99
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★ 99¢ today only! Special price as part of the ZeroNinetyNine bundle! ★

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Lifehacker verdict: “If you’ve got a messy desk, this app can help you regain control.”

The app lets you create groups of related files on your desktop. You can freely move groups of files around on your desktop and add or remove files via drag & drop.

Each group has a title so that you can organize your files any way you like. For example, you could create separate groups for each project you are working on, or add separate groups for photos and text documents. If you frequently take screenshots, that would be another good fit for a group. The possibilities are endless.

Quick Look integration: press Space or ⌘Y to open a Quick Look preview of the selected file.


• Group related files on your desktop
• Add/remove files via drag & drop
• Freely move groups around
• Resize groups by dragging either edge/corner
• Rename by double-clicking on the group title
• Context menu with more options


• Additional list view with file names to the right of icons
• Adjust opacity of title and group background
• Change the background color
• Hide the reflections
• Adjust the grid size

Very active development! Let us know what features you would like.

Coming with the next update:

✔ Auto-updating groups
✔ Choose between dock or menu bar icon
✔ Renaming files and folders
✔ Move files to Trash
• Two-line file names (almost done)
• …and many more small improvements


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