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Montessori Numberland HD

Door: Ruud op 18/02/13 in Universal Apps
Ontwikkelaar: Les Trois Elles
Waardering: 5
Normaal: 2,69 EUR
Nu: € 5,99
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* Featured in Apple’s New & Noteworthy!

* A Gold Medal winner of the 2011 Parents’ Choice award!

*one of my all-time favorite apps. A smart, interactive, and highly layered app for learning –- Wired – Geek Mom

* This app gets an easy 5. It’s perfect for what it does.

* Rated five stars out of five “This is a fabulous math app for young children”
—Common Sense media

A Montessori based app, with 10 beautifully animated scenes, to learn numbers from 0 to 9.

Each scene will give your child the possibility to:
– See how to write a number, hear and learn its name and count objects to reinforce the learning,
– Practice writing numbers on a digital notebook using color pencils,
– Learn to count with Montessori* material such as number rods and spindles to understand the notion of quantity,
– Learn in different languages by switching languages on the home page,
– Save his/her artwork by touching the camera.

* The Montessori Method relies on autonomy and self-confidence. Children should explore the app by touching as many objects as possible, with the support of their parents.

For children aged 3 to 5 years old.
We founded Les Trois Elles Interactive to bring our classroom experience with hundreds of children to the Digital world of tablets. As certified teachers, our aim is to develop a range of truly educational as well as beautiful apps based on the Montessori Method. All our apps can be used at home or in class. They can also be used by speech therapists.
Although our apps are designed for children to play on their own, we always recommend that parents guide them at least for the first usage.
SUPPORT/FEEDBACK: For any technical support or just to give us your feedback, please email us at contact@lestroiselles.com

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter:
– http://twitter.com/LesTroisElles
– http://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Trois-Elles-Interactive/205039382905647


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