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Letter Lure – Text to Photo with 3D, Effects, Draw, Bend, Shape Wrap

Door: Ruud Timmermans op 17/02/15 in Universal Apps
Ontwikkelaar: luo xu
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Normaal: 1,99 EUR
Nu: Free
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Omschrijving uit de AppStore
Letter Lure let you add rich text to you photo, we design it very simple to use, and very powerful, which can greatly change the look and feel of the texts on your photo, make your great photos looks even better and meaningful.

* 3D Transform *
Break the boundary of screen surface, rotate the texts into 3D space, without any extra efforts. You know how to move things around on the screen with one finger? good, just use two fingers, now your rotate in 3D space, it’s that simple, and works.

* Effects *
Metal, glass, gradients, liquid, many many that looks complex effects which seems need professional photoshop designer to complete for a big movie poster, you just need one simple touch, that’s it. Looks like magic.
We are keeping add new effects into our effect collection, and keep all of you surprised.

* Layouts *
Who said texts have to be a straight line or put into square boxes, if you don’t agree, we can make you happy.
Bend: Change a line of text into a curve, and you control the degree of that curve, from a straight line, to a circle, with one touch.
Free Draw: A little bit like Bend, with more possibilities, your draw a line on the screen, and the text aline to that line, any shape you draw, it follows.
Shape Wrap: Draw a shape as a boundary in which the text will be filled, heart, circle, even shape of a man, any thing you like.

* Fonts *
We have selected some extra fonts (and keep adding).
And further more, if you have your own font collection, you can add your font into Letter Lure very easily: open your font on your iOS device, choose Letter Lure from the list, done.

* Multiple fonts and colors in one line*
Our editor is simply better, you can add text with different fonts and colors in one line, but surprisingly easy to use.

We are happy to hear from you, and looking forward to share our thoughts on this lovely little app, hope we can build Letter Lure better with our efforts and your thoughts.

Please catch us on Instagram and Twitter @letterlure.

We are exciting about what you guys going to make with Letter Lure, please share with the world with the tag: #letterlure on twitter, instagram, anywhere you like.


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