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PDF Cabinet 2.0

Door: Ruud Timmermans op 17/02/15 in iPad Deals
Ontwikkelaar: MOTECH LTD
Waardering: 4 5
Normaal: 2,99 EUR
Nu: Free
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Omschrijving uit de AppStore
PDF Cabinet now allows you to save any web page as a PDF document directly from Safari with a brand new iOS8 extension! And you can also save your images or screenshots as PDFs directly from your Photos app.

PDF Cabinet focuses on the essential features for PDF reading, review and annotation, and it makes everything simple again, just like with real paper. Only much better.

It is the first app for PDF reading and annotation that doesn’t overwhelm you with menus, buttons, settings and options. It was designed from scratch to allow focusing on your documents, without thinking how the application works.


– Still probably the most polished PDF reader on the App Store

– Really effortless PDF annotation

– Only the most essential functionality – don’t lose yourself in hundreds of buttons

– Intuitive user interface that allows you to do exactly what you want

– Fast and easy document skimming and review with thumbnails sidebar

– Ultimate performance – optimized for really large documents (within reason, of course)

– Annotations sharing – send annotated documents to anyone, and mark up will show up in any other reader

– Interaction with other Cabinet users – send annotations only to your friends or colleagues using Cabinet – much faster, less traffic

– Real-time collaboration with your friends or colleagues – annotate the same document together from several iPads

– Perfectly executed Dropbox and iCloud synchronization


– Amazing dynamic annotation menu – see it in action – http://bit.ly/CabinetApp
– Empty notebooks for quick note taking or doodling
– Pen and Paper Games for relaxing during non-working hours
– Sending multiple documents attached in a single e-mail
– Easy work with various document formats – such as .doc, .xls, .ppt and others

Did we tell you already that Cabinet is really easy to use? Try it out yourself!


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