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CompCalc Plus 2015

Door: Ruud Timmermans op 13/01/16 in Mac Deals
Ontwikkelaar: Richard Montarbo
Geen Waardering Beschikbaar
Normaal: 9.99 EUR
Nu: Free
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Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Calculator and PD Rating Schedule (CompCalc Plus 2015).

The CompCalc Plus has a full PD rating schedule which automatically creates a rating string adjusting the WPI given the Part of Body, Age, Occupation, and DFEC. The Plus version also incorporates a relational database for Occupation and Part of Body making input intuitive and simple.

The CompCalc Plus also provides a PV/FV calculation of 100% PD based upon age, gender, and a given discount rate.

The CompCalc Plus also has all the features of the CompCalc Basic including a California Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Calculator that calculates Permanent Disability, Temporary Disability, Life Pension, Supplemental Job Displacement Benefits, and Death Benefits, for the given date of industrial injury.
Also like the CompCalc Basic, the Plus version calculates TD liability for a given period based on the default max weekly rate for the date of industrial injury or a TD rate based on AWW manually imputed. The CompCalc Plus also provides Life Expectancy given the current age and based upon the U.S. Life Table as provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Updates will be provided annually.

All Users of the CompCalc are instructed to consult the specific provisions of the California Labor Code and/or the DEU to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. It is not the intent of this product to provide legal representation, or legal advise. The user of the CompCalc Plus is encourage to retain legal counsel before using this product.


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